February, 2018


Tokyo Quantum Computing was included in the Hutch Report Quantum Computers "The Game Changer?".

October 1, 2017


"A set of computer program source codes of a Monte Carlo algorithm for quantum annealing using the physically relevant continuous-imaginary-time limit" is on sale by Tokyo Quantum Computing. This is a set of computer program source codes for massive simulations of quantum annealing.

Jun 26, 2017


Tokyo Quantum Computing was put on the list of Private/Startup Companies in QUANTUM COMPUTING REPORT.

Jun 20, 2017


A research article by Tokyo Quantum Computing was submitted to a preprint server.

C. Yamaguchi, "Proposal of a new quantum annealing schedule for studying transverse-field-based quantum versus classical annealing of the Ising model: a case study of the Ising spin glass model on the square lattice by the Monte Carlo simulation", arXiv:1706.06416.

This will be submitted to a journal.

April 20, 2017


Tokyo Quantum Computing was founded.