About us


Tokyo Quantum Computing (TQC) is a software startup for quantum computing, formed in April 2017 and based in Tokyo, Japan.  TQC was founded by Dr. Chiaki Yamaguchi.


TQC is providing a set of computer program source codes for massive simulations of quantum annealing.



Chiaki Yamaguchi

Dr. Yamaguchi is the CEO of Tokyo Quantum Computing. Dr. Yamaguchi holds a B.S. degree in science in physics from Tokai University, and M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in science in physics from Tokyo Metropolitan University.

Contact address


Haramura 17217-1689, Suwagun, Nagano 391-0115, Japan

(〒391-0100 長野県諏訪郡原村 17217-1689)

Chiaki Yamaguchi (山口 智明)

Phone: +8190-9148-7318

Email: info@to-qc.com