About us



Tokyo Quantum Computing (TQC) is a software startup for quantum computing, formed in April 2017 and based in Tokyo, Japan.  TQC was founded by Dr. Chiaki Yamaguchi.


TQC is providing a set of computer program source codes for massive simulations of quantum annealing.


"Tokyo Quantum Computing" is our official name, and "東京量子計算" is the translated name in using Japanese language.


Chiaki Yamaguchi

Dr. Yamaguchi is the CEO of Tokyo Quantum Computing. Dr. Yamaguchi holds a B.S. degree in science in physics from Tokai University, and M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in science in physics from Tokyo Metropolitan University.

Contact address


Haramura 17217-1689, Suwagun, Nagano 391-0115, Japan

(〒391-0100 長野県諏訪郡原村 17217-1689)

Chiaki Yamaguchi (山口 智明)

Phone: +8190-9148-7318

Email: info@to-qc.com